Day 3 and 4

Day 3- Classes continued. The boys have all fallen into a routine and are having fun. The shiest one in the group has found his voice and is talking and making friends. Several of the other kids with us have remarked on how much he is talking and what a change it is. We call him the lion because he is learning to roar. The second young one is spending all his time in the water. He has proudly taken on the nickname the bullfrog. Bullfrog is happy and has made friends with kids from multiple troops. He has also informed us that his care package is gone already. The two oldest kids, are going to classes and are having a good time. They have been seen hanging out together and rumor has it they might like each other a little bit. The SPL has shown excellent leadership, even if his flag retaining skills are limited.

Day 4- Classes continue. Today is the last day of merit badges. Tomorrow is fun Friday. It is the only day they are allowed to ‘have fun’. Really it is a free day where the boys can go to whatever activity interests them. Friday the leaders plan on taking the boys out to dinner, instead of eating silver turtles. We have a 7:30 a.m. trailer pick up time on Saturday, so we are hoping to be home around 10:30 a.m.

Camp Day 1 & 2

Day 1- We arrived at camp safe and sound. Mr. Fleeson dropped off the trailer and drove away as fast as he could (laughing all the way). At check-in we found out we were at Winchester Camp ground. We are sharing the space with a group from Florida, but we are in adirondaks.

Day 2- The internet connectivity was down for most of the time we have been at camp, but they finally they fed the squirrel to get him to run the wheel that runs the whole system. The kids are all doing fine. They seem to be able to find their classes on their own now and are enjoying themselves. We had an opening camp fire and the Scoutmaster belly flop – video will follow.

Trivia Contest

Over the next few weeks since we can’t meet, I will be posting daily, a trivia question. Collect all the answers and at the end there will be a prize for the one that got them all right. More info as we go.

Week 1 Questions

  1. 3/19/20 – What is the brightest object in the current early evening western sky (not our sun or the moon)? Answer: Venus
  2. 3/20/20 – Use of dashes and dots is a means of communicating using what? Use the below for your 3rd question and answer ( / means end of letter)
    1. ._ _ /…. / ._ / _ / pause .. /… / pause _ /…. /. / pause … /_._. /_ _ _ /.._ /_ / pause … /._.. /_ _ _ /_ _. /._ /_. / pause ._._. / Answer: Morse Code, What is the Scout Slogan, Do a good turn daily
  3. 3/21/20 – name these 2 plants in order Answer: Poison Ivy, Virginia Creeper
  1. 3/22/20 – multipart questions.
    1. name this snake Answer: Scarlet King Snake
    2. Venomous or not Answer: non venomous
    3. Rhyme that helps you identify if it is venomous Answer: Red touch yellow, kill a fellow, red touch black a friend of jack
    4. what snake does it look similar too. Answer: Coral Snake, Venomous
  1. 3/23/20 – Your troop is out at Philmont in July hiking. Your event for the day is horseback riding. You get all saddled up and begin to take off. All of a sudden a thunderstorm rolls in and everyone gets wet. The rain has dropped the temperature. While putting the horse gear away you notice a youth shivering very badly. What could he be suffering from and what would you do? Answer: Hypothermia. get out of wet cloths, get them warm by wrapping them in blankets or sleeping bag, warm beverages
  2. 3/24/20 – Map and Compass (you can find the answer in your book)
    1. What direction does your compass point to Answer: magnetic North
    2. What direction does the top of a map point to Answer: True North
    3. The difference between the two is called what Answer: Angle of declination
  3. 3/25/20 – What is the name of the award that a scout or a unit can earn for distinguish service in conservation (there are 5 different levels of this award) Answer: William T. Hornaday award

Clink on the link to provide your answers to the first week of our trivia contest

Week 2 Questions: Where’s the Scoutmaster – The Journey

  1. 3/26/20 – From home I’ve traveled some 450 miles north to a land almost like heaven. Nestled within my boundaries my country roads takes me to a land where scouting adventures include skateboarding, zip lining, rock climbing, water sports, and shooting sports to name a few and people from around the world has recently visit me. where am I (place name not state)? Answer: BSA Summit Bechtel Reserve
  2. 3/27/20 – I jump on a private jet (social distancing) and head to the land of fire and ice. It was made from volcanos and glaciers and was first discovered by the vikings. I am one of only 2 places where you can see 2 earth tectonic plates meeting above the earth surface. My people harness hydro and geothermic energy to power 80% of my needs. If you’re hungry for a big mac, you are out of luck. no McDonalds exist within my boundaries. I’m one of the best places to experience both the Northern Lights and the midnight sun. Crime is very low, I do not have a standing army and my police force does not carry guns. where am I? Answer: Iceland
  3. 3/28/20 – I board a boat and set sail on a multi day trip to 0 latitude, through 2 mighty oceans and through the panama cannel. I lay both in the northern and southern hemisphere. A place once again formed by volcanos and was first discovered in 1535 by chance. I was later visited by a well know person on his voyage upon the HMS Beagle. He came to study my diversity of wildlife, both land and sea and later wrote a well known theory. I have very little human population on my shores but am visited by many every year. I have established camping grounds where you can come stay for up to 3 nights but will need a small boat to fully discover my many lands. Where am I and who wrote the theory? Answer: The Galapagos Islands
  4. 3/29/20 – I take a boat to the mainland and then board a plane to my next destination. It’s a place where its wildlife is found nowhere else on earth. Among its extinct mammals were giant flightless birds and dwarf hippos. There are about 103 species of Lemurs and they are often revered and protected by cultural taboo. First settled by the Asians and later a popular resting ground for European pirates. There are several plant species that can be used as herbal remedies. For example, Hodgkin’s disease, leukemia, and other cancers. It is among the world’s main suppliers of vanilla, cloves, and ylang-ylang, and also a major supplier of coffee, lychees and shrimp. Where am I? Answer: Madagascar
  5. 3/30/20 – I board a plane for my next destination. It is known as the city of temples. A well known rock singer in the middle 70’s wrote a song with the title that matches my name. I am the royal capital and largest metropolitan area of my country. I am a gateway to the Himalayas. Tourism is a major source of income for most of the people in the city, with several hundred thousand visitors annually. Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims from all over the world visit its religious sites including Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath, Boudhanath and Budhanikantha. Where am I? Answer: Kathmandu, Nepal
  6. 3/31/20 – I pack up my gear in a backpack and put on my boots for one of my most adventurous sections of my journey. I head north through the Himalayas past their highest peak known as what? On the other side my destination is to one of the great wonders of the world. A 5,500 mile structure of rock, stone, rivers, motes, and trenches stretching for miles through cities and mountains. Part constructed as far back as early BCE, the most well-known sections built by the Ming dynasty. Along my path are towers used to signal adjacent towers to warn of danger approaching. I was used both in defensive and as a transportation corridor. What am I walking? Answer: Mount Everest, The Great Wall of China
  7. 4/1/20 – I board a train for the last leg of my journey before heading home. My path will take me through a number of countries on my way to my destination. My destination is a country where my fjords, mountains and northern lights are well known around the world. Here you will find the worlds largest road tunnel in the world. Every 6km there is a cave to separate sections of road. The lighting varies throughout the tunnel and caves to break routine and provide a varied view. It host the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony every year. They introduced salmon sushi to Japan and is one of Japans most popular dishes. Modern and ancient skiing was invented here and they are the worlds most successful winter olympics winers. They have Europes biggest herd of reindeer and during WWI they stayed neutral. The colonel-in-chief of the Kings Guards is a penguin. Where am I? Answer: Norway
  8. 4/1/20 part B – from the places I visited on this Journey, what places had I been before, if any? Answer: I have been to the Summitt, Iceland and Norway.

Click on the link to provide your answers to Week 2 of the trivia contest – The Journey