Independence Day, July 4

We’ve just attended our final flag ceremony and the scouts and the other adult leaders have returned to the campsite waiting for our turn for dinner in the dining hall. First, I would like to thank the adult leaders who have attended. Todd, Mike, Alfie, Steve, Nathan and Matthew, you have made this a wonderful week for all our boys and as usual, have help me in every aspect for the week.
Second, parents you should be extremely proud of these you men. They have exceeded my expectations. They have held there own against older scouts. They didn’t complain about the weather when it rained or when it was hot. They got over homesickness and hopefully have learned a little about the world around them and the environment they live in. They are and will be the protectors of our planet for the next generation. We have thrust leadership on them and would like to recognize the you man who has taken on the responsibility of senior patrol leader. He didn’t ask for it and at 13 has done a fine job.
My purpose was twofold, first to update you and second to find out their inspection score for today. They don’t know it but it was again a perfect score! They are not olny judged on the gateway but on troop gear being stored neatly and the site clean of trash. We have a huge dinner last night and a lot of trash could have gotten out of control, but they want to come out on top.
Our final campfire is tonight. The awards will be presented and only then will we know how others thing of us and how we are judged against our peers. No matter what happens I know that both myself and the the other leaders are extremely proud of these young scouts and you should be too.


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