July 7, 2017

One day to go. Thanks to Daniel and helping with our dinner. The boys truly enjoyed it and there was at least one comment that Ed has some competition. The boys elected to do the morning flag ceremony this morning and as they usually do, the worked on it until about 10:00 last night so they could make an impression. Things went well during the ceremony, but the food delivery truck came which made it hard to hear. The boys raised the American Flag, the Georgia Flag and the Camp flag. We obtained permission and were able to fly the “Ben” flag. It is the third flag we raised in the line. The boys did their usual “pop”. But before raising it our SPL said ” This flag is being flown in honor and remembrance of Ben Stewart, an Eagle Scout from Troop 514. He served as the senior patrol leader for youth leadership training. He earned boy scouting’s Triple Crown. He was a Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow. He was on the Dean’s List at Georgia Southern University. He was a mentor to many and a friend to more”. We have pictures of the flag flying briskly in the wind this morning.


Bill Faulkinberry

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