July 6,2017

Everyone is everywhere today. They are everywhere from the Ballard Cabin up to Big Rock. Today is Free Range Thursday and activities are planned for the scouts to participate in that are fun for them. Some are shooting to finish their qualifications for their particular shooting sport merit badge and some just for fund. The lake has canoes, paddle boards, kayaks, and sailing boats floating around. the blob has a small line as well. There are competitions as well she the boys are participating in too. They boys are to be congratulated as they scored the highest score on their camp inspection, a 98!!! The weather that was anticipated last night did not occur but it’s always better safe than sorry. We had an area campfire around a candle at the waterfront hosted by the nature lodge and waterfront staff. Skits and songs were enjoyed by all. This was followed by an Order of the Arrow get together at the dining hall for the members of the Order, both in our local chapter and any chapter who was represented in camp. Our own Steve Back drove up after work yesterday to attend. Today, our own Daniel Carter drove up. Daniel has been entrusted with Ed Fleeson’s lasagna recipe and will be using Ed’s Dutch ovens to prepare the meal for us. It is the best meal of the weekend. Tomorrow will be the last day and after the inspection we will start breaking down the camp and preparing to leave on Saturday. Our trailers will be remove from camp at 7:00 and we get breakfast at 7:30 so we could be on the road as early as 8:00. This means we could be home around 9:30. We will make calls as we get closer. As far as I know everything is going smoothly. No home sickness that I am aware of, in fact I think our boys are helping the other troop sharing a campsite which is truly wonderful to see. Tomorrow on our last full day at camp and I’ll send another update, internet permitting. YIS, Bill Faulkinberry

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