Summer Camp 2017

Sorry, but had internet problems. Just want everyone to know everything is great. We have pretty good weather up until this afternoon when we had rain come through and kept all the aquatic merit badge scouts out of the water this afternoon. Check in on Sunday went smooth and the scouts who wanted to took the swim test. After trying all passed who needed passed so they were able to take their swim test. We are staying in the Adirondacks at the Powell camp sites. The Forth of July fireworks were done here at the opening campfire on Sunday night. After skits and songs by the staff we have a 15-20 minute show. Great fireworks were enjoyed by all, and for us the commute home took all of five minutes. Classes started Monday and the Scouts have given me good feedback on the classes they are taking. Even the oldest scout has said this is his best summer camp yet. The three scouts in TNT are doing well and enjoying the skills they are learning. Foot is pretty good to. Not to much is being thrown out so they must like it. Tomorrow is Free Range Thursday with all types of activities being available. The TNT scouts will be taking their five mile hike tomorrow morning and attending a CPR demonstration when they get back. The guys taking shooting sports will be working on qualifying. The campfire this evening was changed to 8;00 due to some incoming weather coming in about 9:00. We will be in bed by then. More tomorrow if the internet holds. YIS, Bill F

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