Summer Camp 2016 – Day 5

Yesterday was free range Thursday where there were no official classes, but plenty of activities. The scouts were everywhere at camp yesterday, participating in scout craft competitions, water front activities, and shooting sports to name a few. They had fun participating and did well in several events.
Last evening our own Mr. Fleeson came to camp and prepared dinner for the troop. Thursday is the camp staff’s night off. He fixed his famous lasagna for us and as always, it was the best meal of the week by far. Thanks to Mr. Fleeson for doing this for the boys.
Yesterday evening was first real rain we have had all week and luckily it came after dinner was done. It lasted about 30 minutes.
This morning the troop raised the flags for the camp. They practiced a couple hours last night and it showed. The did a great job and ended with pause from the camp.
Today is our last day at camp. The scouts have a full day of classes and one last camp inspection. We will start taking down the gateway this afternoon and prepare to leave early in the morning. Our goal is to be home no later than 11:00. We will call you to let you know specifically what time we will be getting in to the church. After the trailers are unloaded and everything is put away, the scouts will be free to leave.
Thanks to all for allowing me and the other adults to spend this week with them. They are a joy to be with and our greatest reward is watching them grow and mature.


Bill Faulkinberry

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