Summer Camp 2016 – Day4

We had another good day. The boys are all getting along well and getting everything done they need to do. They are keeping the campsite clean and their bunks squared away. Don’t believe them if they say the don’t know how to clean their rooms. They are ALL doing a good job here. Their campsite inspection yesterday will back it up. They got a 60, a perfect score. All remain well with no injuries or illness to report, but one is walking like a cowboy but is better with treatment.
Had the skit/song/OA campfire last night. Different skits and they had us laughing. Weather look threatening, but held off until we were back in camp and then just rain. Cooled everything down. We had a visit from our lone scout in Gold Rush last evening and he relays he is have a good time too.
Today is free range Thursday. No classed, but activities all over camp. Our SPL has organized to hopefully give us maximum participation. The scouts in TNT will be on a 5 mile hike this morning. Other scouts will be participating in a various competitions.
John and I are on our way to Gold Rush and then back to camp to cheer on the other scouts.


Bill and John

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