Summer Camp 2016 – Day 3

Boys were all over camp attending classes yesterday. They are telling me they are enjoying it and learning. They have really come together and are having a lot of fun too. Before dinner the football is being tossed around camp and they are playing board games which some how fit into their foot lockers. We distributed troop t-shirts last night and all are wearing them today. The looked sharp this morning marching. They invited a smaller troop to march to flags and they really got into it. You could hear the echo which is quite impressive.
The flag pole is up, all 50 feet of it. We can safely say that the American Flag flying in our campsite is by far the highest flag flying in camp. It doesn’t hurt that the Bridges campsite is on top of a hill as well.
Last night we had a scout represent the troop in the minute man competition and tied six knots in a minute. He said the people around him were only doing 2-4 so he feels good about it. The winner will be recognized at the final campfire on Friday. The camp also put on a reptile and mammal show for them last night as well. Mr. Smith represented the scoutmasters in the Scoutmaster Dutch oven cook off making a classic Georgia peach cobbler.
Today it is more classes for the boys. The adults will be doing their service project for the camp which will also help the boys in their goal in winning honor troop, the best troop at camp.
All are healthy and (knock of wood) injury free. Weather is hot but just a little cooler yesterday as there was ran around us, but not at camp. Hopefully more of the same today. The first of the care packages came yesterday and I want to thank you parents for the sugar highs we experienced that always goes along with us.
I’ve got to get breakfast and then be ready to teach a class.



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