Summer Camp 2016 – Day 2

Weather is hot but the scouts remain in good spirits and are keeping hydrated. We have ice water and gateraide in camp and all the class location have ice water as well.. Everyone is here now. We won’t see one until the campfire on Wednesday night as he is doing the Gold Rush Program. They go back in time to 1829 and live like they did then, making their own eating utensils, working iron and throwing knives and tomahawks.
Had a few changes in merit badges yesterday, so everything should be settled down today. It’s fun to see the younger scouts participate in our traditions. The cadences are getting louder and our SPL still has his voice.
Last night was the scoutmaster belly flop contest. Our very own assistant scoutmaster, Pink Belly Mike, held his own.
The food remains good in comparison to previous years. Hot dogs for lunch and Sloppy Joes for dinner. Breakfast this morning will be french toast.
We had our first campsite inspection yesterday and the boys did really well. The scored 59 out of sixty and were tied at the top. Lost one point for trash somewhere. They took it into their own hand not to miss that single point and did trash line this morning. As yes they are making their beds (sort of anyway).
All is well, no sickness and no injuries. You would be proud of all our boys.
We have second shift for the meals so I’m headed back to the dinning hall to meet the boys



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