Summer Camp 2016 – Day 1

We made the trip up yesterday and after a quick bite at Wendy’s headed to camp. Check in went smoothly and by 2:30 we are in our campsite. We have Upper Bridges, our favorite site. We are sharing i with two other troops, a small troop which has two of the Adirondacks in upper and a troop from the Tampa Florida area in lower bridges. The scouts got the gate way up in record time, while others are were at the waterfront taking their swim tests.
Food is better this year than any other year that any of the adults can remember. The have a good salad bar with dinner and a potato bar which is new this year.
We have fireworks last night for Independence Day. Has to be one of the best displays I’ve seen as you don’t have to fight crowds afterwards and literally the fireworks are going off directly overhead. The only drawback was rain when we first sat down, but stopped during the show.
All the boys had a good night last night and woke up ready to go. They have started their first period classes and we will be walking around checking to make sure all are have a positive experience.
I will check in tomorrow to let you know how the rest of the day went. That is if I survive the scoutmaster belly flop this evening.


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