Summer Camp 2016

The time has come. I’ve been completing the final paperwork for the last couple hours and in a little bit some of us will be doing a special service project for the church and then packing one of the trailers so we are ready to go tomorrow.
Drivers, we will have our annual breakfast tomorrow morning. Please meet at 7:30. If you are not sure where it is, please give me a call. All troop members going need to be in the Home Depot parking lot NO LATER than 9:30 to allow us time to check everyone in. We will stop in Clayton on the way to camp for lunch. Each scout needs to include money for their own lunch.
Please follow our daily activities here. I will give you an overall update on how things are going.
If you followed the Scoutmaster’s Corner last year, you will be happy to know THE head minion will be at camp and will try and maintain control of all his assistant minions this year.
I am looking forward to spending the week with your boys and hope each creates a wonderfull memory that could last the rest of their life.

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