June 30, 2014

We all arrived safe and sound yesterday afternoon.  Check in went smoothly.  Thanks to John and Todd and all the parents for making sure we had all the information needed on the health forms.

After checking in the scouts were leg by our guides on a tour of the camp.  They learned the different areas of camp and where then needed to go for their classes starting today.  We they got back to the campsite they unloaded the trailer and got unpacked moving into their new accommodations at the Powell Campsite.  We have five aderondacks and one tent.  Each aderondack sleeps 6 scouts.  We have 22 scouts and 7 adults so we have a great ratio.  We have assigned on scouter to help just the new scouts.  He did the same last year.

Before we went to dinner Rainey Mountain lived up to its name.  We had ran and just when it was time to go to flags it stopped.  I gues I should be saying it hesitiated, because as we started marching down the rain returned.  We went back to the campside and waited for our time to head to the mess hall for dinner.  Dinner last night was backed chicken, mashed potatos, and green beans.  We finished and out two appoint SPL attended a meeting and when that was done we went to the opening ceremony at the amphatheater.  No rain just a copy skits by the staff and a history of Rainey Mountain.  The were quick because it looked like more rain coming in.  That didn’t happen as we could see stars when were returned to camp.  Lights out was at 11 but a few of the boys were to wound up but eventually fell asleep.

We woke to overcast skys this morning and light rain later joined us.  Two scouts finished their swim test and we had four scouts take the first of four practice swims for the mile swim which will be held later this week.  After breakfast the boys started class.  I saw swimmers in the lake and boys all over the camp getting started.\

Looks like we have a great bunch of guys this week.  Their spirits are high even with the rain which I’ve heard will clear this after noon.  A special thank you to the adults here with me.  Todd, Steve, Mike, Alfie, Nathan and Matthew. 



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