What’s coming

The ski trip was a great success. Thanks to Ms Hall and Mr. Webb for organizing it for us. We had 42 people go up which included 34 skiers. 15 of the 17 slopes were open. I’m already looking forward to nest year.
In February we will be attending Advance A Rama. This is a great way to earn a merit badge or two. Space is limited so see me to sign up as soon as possible or go to the Apalachee District website to sign yourself up.
March we will our campout to Robbins Air Force base. We will be camping on Base so I must submit the name and birthday of anyone thinking of going so they can do a security check. Adults, I will need the same information plus your Social Security Number. The last day to register will be at our meeting on 1/28.
In April we are planning a trout stream restoration. We will be working with Trouts Unlimited and will have a date soon.
Finally, it’s time to start thInking about summer camp in July. I’ll be getting more information out soon and we will start collect fees soon.

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