Newest Eagle Scout

Congratulations to Matthew, our newest Eagle Scout!

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It’s that time of the year

Our scouting year is coming to an end and its time to reflect the year we’ve had. Members of the troop have been under ground and underwater this year. Our scouts continue to grow and learn as well as teach others new skills. I am proud to be associated with these boys as they grow and mature. As Mr. Shepard said at the court of honor we are blessed to be able to spend time with them.  I am thankful for the adult leaders we have who provide so much support and leadership for our scouts.  Without them our troop would not be where we are.

Our last meeting of the year will be on 12/17.  Ms. Hall will be talking about the ski trip and working with the scouts working on the snow sports merit badge.  Our annual ski trip will be the weekend of January 5.  The scouts taking the practical part of the merit badge during the weekend.  You can check out the slopes at

February will be busy as well.  First we are headed to a cycling trip on the Silver Comet Trail to work on the cycling merit badge.  Then on  2/23 scouts can sign up for a merit badge at Advance-a-Rama.

On March 8 we will head down to Warner Robins Air Force Base and will work on the aviation merit badge.

No matter how you celebrate to his holiday season I hope you time is spent in happiness and joy.

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